Radio Resources

Forum & Discussions

  • Ham Radio Forum
    Formus (mainly UK based) with fairly frequent posting and some knowledgeable members.


Contest Calendars & Rules

  • SM3CER Contest Service
    Detailed listing of contest schedule and rules for Amateur Radio HF contesting on 1.8 - 50 MHz.
  • WA7BNM Contest Calendar
    Detailed information about amateur radio contests throughout the world, including their scheduled dates/times, rules summaries, log submission information and links to the official rules as published by the contest sponsors.

Operating Aids

  • Graphical UK Bandplan (GW6ITJ)
    A very handy PDF graphical band plan for the UK. Visually lays out each band, highlighting sections for different modes and uses. Great as a quick reference tool!

Reference Material

Locator Plotting

  • Maidenhead Grid Square Locator Google Map (K2DSL)
    Interactive Google Map with ability to highlight location based on address, call sign of grid square. The ability to enter a callsign and use the tools QRZ.COM lookup to immediately zoom in on the QTH is great!

Radio Theory

Amateur Bands

  • Amateur Band Analysis
    Article discussing the behaviour of HF, VHF and UHF bands, their performance in relation to propagation, when they are open and expected DX distances.

Antennas & Propagation

  • Antenna Notes for a Dummy (W5ALT)
    Features various detailed articles covering topics such as electromagnetic waves, dipoles, ground plane verticals and radials. A very useful resource.

Software Utilities


  • Amateur Radio Utility v1 (M1BWT)
    A home logging program designed & developed for Windows (by me!) to help radio operators keep track of their on-air contacts.
  • Ham Radio Delux (HB9DRV)
    Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) is a suite of free Windows programs providing computer control for commonly used transceivers and receivers. HRD also includes mapping, satellite tracking and the digital mode program Digital Master 780 (DM780).
  • DXLab Suite
    DXLab is a freeware suite of eight interoperating applications that interoperate to support your Amateur Radio DXing activities. Includes transceiver control with bandspread, rotator control, solar prediction, gridsquare lookup, logging, QSL card generation, award tracking etc etc!

Propagation Predictions & Plotting

  • GreatCircle Maps (SM3GSJ)
    Software to generate Great Circle maps from any location in the world. Very useful to help visualise paths from QTH when considering antenna placement.

DX Plotting/Tracking

  • DX Atlas (VE3NEA)
    Scrollable World map with smooth zoom, DXCC territories, province/state prefixes, Grid Squares, CQ and ITU Zones in the rectangular, azimuthal and Globe projections, 3D relief, Gray Line, city and island index, unique hierarchical prefix database, local time with DST for all cities, islands and call areas, unique ionospheric maps.

Morse Code Training

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