Amateur Radio Software

This page details various pieces of software I've developed over the years related to Amateur Radio.

AMV1 Logging Utility

The Amateur Radio Utility v1.5 provides a home logging solution for ham operators. With its easy to use interface, wizards and tools, it lets you concentrate on operating your radio, not the logging software!

This software is now over 10 years old, so is ideally suited at those running slower PC's. It does, however, function correctly on Windows XP.

See the Amateur Radio Logging pages for more details and downloads.

AMV1 Editor

This small application is designed to be used with the AMV1 Logging Utility, allowing you to change some of the back-end data such as frequency allocations, country prefixes and even the logos!

See the AMV1 Editor Pack pages for more details and downloads.

AMV1 ASCII Converter

This application allows you to import ASCII based log files from various other logging products directly into AMV1.

See the AMV1 ASCII Converter pages for more details and downloads.

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